Financial Education Services

Seeking to empower your workforce with financial wellness for a more prosperous, focused, and committed team?

Discover Wealthency – your trusted guide in navigating the complex world of financial literacy through education.

Together, let’s unlock your team’s potential and drive your organization’s success

Why We’re Different

  • We believe in education.
  • We don’t manage money.
  • We don’t sell insurance.
  • We don’t have individual clients.
  • We don’t have anything to sell to your employees.
  • We are not your 401(K) Provider which has to stick to compliance regulated presentations and scripts.
  • We believe the average person can be their own DIY wealth manager. For those who do need, or want, an extra hand, we’re happy to provide resources to help them down that path.
  • As highlighted below, we have programs that emphasize how one should determine if they need to work with an advisor, what to look for in professional assistance, and more about fiduciary responsibilities.
  • We focus on engaging presentations that hold participant attention, earn their trust, inspire them to take action, and provide additional resource material for them to learn more.

Frequent Topics

Our presentation topics vary based on the program duration and audience demographics. To give you an idea, here are some of the topics we frequently cover:
  • Your Financial Benefits
  • Bonus structures
  • Vesting schedules
  • Investment options
  • Asset allocations
  • IRAs
  • Social Security
  • credit cards/scores/reports
  • health insurance considerations
  • types of life insurance
  • saving vehicles
  • current events
  • debt management (e.g. student loans)
  • saving for large purchases (e.g. house and car)
  • the federal tax system
  • and many more

Onboarding Financial Education Program

Your employees need more than a mere transactional approach to financial benefits. HR and benefits personnel may not feel comfortable breaking down financial benefits and showing employees how they can leverage benefits given their financial situation and goals. They deserve understanding. They deserve Wealthency.

We smoothly integrate our holistic financial education programs into your onboarding process. Custom-tailored to your company’s benefits and employees’ financial goals, we present a clear picture of how their benefits align with their overall financial landscape.

With employees freshly embarking on their professional journey, alongside your financial and health benefits, we emphasize debt management, big-ticket savings goals, taxes, and other savings vehicles.

Here we cater especially to young professionals. From succinct one-hour sessions to comprehensive multi-session modules, we craft our programs to fit your needs.

Internship Financial Education Program

Generations Y and Z comprise 47% of the U.S. population and are set to shape the future success of your firm. Our programs resonate with their unique financial outlook.

Young professionals may not understand how non-salary financial benefits play into overall compensation. By focusing on your organization’s financial and health benefits, interns will have a better understanding of the competitiveness of your benefits.

While still touching on the importance of retirement savings, we also focus on more pressing financial considerations these young adults have – student loan repayment programs, obtaining and building credit, moving out of their parent’s house for the first time, buying a car, or saving for a house.

We break down complex financial concepts into simple, easily understood visuals. We’re all about education, clarity, and unbiased information. No sales, just sound financial education.

Leadership Development Financial Education

As your people develop and excel, they may be rewarded with additional training resources, conferences, or retreats. Leadership programs provide your people with opportunities to develop essential leadership skills, fostering a culture of growth and empowerment.

One attribute that is often overlooked is financial wellness. As you continue to invest in the skill set of your future leaders, also invest in their financial literacy.

Programs can be targeted at employees with increasing incomes, material bonuses, stock-based compensation, and holistic financial education. Employees who are more financially capable work harder, stay longer, and will be positive advocates for your firm.

Here, our financial education programs can be keynote discussions, formal meetings, casual conversations, small groups, or one-on-ones. We find that when people are relaxed, as they often are at development conferences and retreats, they are more open to learning and developing themselves.

One-On-One Virtual New Hire Consultations

New hire benefits conversations are often inadequate and don’t meet the employee’s needs.

Money is personal. People often get shy and are less likely to ask questions in large group settings when it comes to conversations about money. Employees may be afraid to have personal financial discussions with their employer.

That’s where we step in.

Given every employee has a different fact pattern, employer-sponsored financial benefits impact each employee differently.

Have each new employee meet, virtually or in person, with us to discuss your organization’s financial benefits and how it relates to their financial needs and goals.

Topics we often provide education on in these sessions include topics related to understanding overall asset allocations, investment terms, budgeting, savings vs investing, how to plan for large purchases, debt management, and other considerations.

Professional Speakers and Keynote Presentations

We believe in education. We also believe that for education to be impactful it should be engaging. We have designed an engaging financial presentation that focuses on graphs, pictures, and charts that convey personal finance related information in an easy-to-understand manner.

We discuss a range of topics related to saving, investing, the stock market, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy, taxes, and more. Our presentations utilize custom designed graphics to present and discuss important financial concepts and considerations.

Our professional speakers have experience in small group settings and convention halls for hundreds of participants.

HR/ L&D/ Benefits Consulting

Are your human resources, learning and development, and benefits leaders equipped to adequately convey your financial benefits to your employees?

We step in to provide education to your HR, L&D, and benefits staff regarding employee considerations of your financial benefits. These ‘train the trainer’ sessions focus on how to have financial conversations with others. Your leaders do not provide financial advice, but they should still be educated on financial matters and implications. We’ll cover topics that include your financial benefits, as well as outside financial considerations like IRAs, budgeting, savings vs. investing, and frequently asked questions regarding retirement benefits.

Our financial experts are also well equipped to help you design financial education materials provided for your employees.

We’re happy to discuss ways to improve the financial education of leaders within your organization and your employees.